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At Benjamin Massey Architects, we are a talented, well-traveled team of designers, artisans, and architects. Our guiding philosophy is dedicated to human comfort and wellbeing, while being firmly rooted in beauty, form, and sustainability.


Our work is driven by our founder, architect Ben Massey, and his devotion to his clients and his steadfast attention to precision and sophisticated design. Massey’s practice developed over the course of his life in New Orleans, the Netherlands, and New York City. From each inimitable place, Massey cultivated a keen sense of style and unique ways of adapting to environments.


While Massey’s experience includes commercial, hospitality, and multi-family dwellings, his focus is residential. Connected to the intimate, singular nature of each space, his joy comes from designing and building homes his clients love and deserve. With over a decade of experience in historic preservation and building construction, Massey is also well-versed in landscape design and interior design.


At Benjamin Massey Architects, we are an excellent turnkey solution from the first shovel of dirt turned to a comfortable, well-executed home.

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